Questions to ask your Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Last week, we talked about what are some of the important qualities that your personal injury lawyer should possess. Now do you know what questions you should ask before hiring your lawyer?

If you Google “Questions to ask your Personal Injury Lawyer” you will get all kinds of answers, but to save you people sometime, our law office has put together some questions that get asked to us all the time:

  1. How much do you cost? Most PI Lawyers work on a reward basis, i.e. they get paid when you get paid for your damages. That can be typically 25% to 45%, but really depends on your lawyer and the situation.
  2. Will I need to pay if I lose the case? Again, it really depends on your lawyer. There are lawyers who don’t charge you anything if you lose the case, and there are some who charge you for their basic time in addition to the percentage of the reward.
  3. Have you had clients similar to me? This one is obvious, wouldn’t you want a lawyer who knows your situation to the “T”. In such a case, your lawyer knows exactly how to present your case, because they have previous data to work with.
  4. What are the chances of my success? Some lawyers even advertise the percentage of cases they have won, which is what makes some of them very expensive, as they are almost guaranteed to win your case (for e.g. MLO Lawyers :). But you should always expect the worst and prepare for anything that can happen in your case.
  5. Are you personally going to handle my case? There are many law offices where the real lawyer doesn’t even handle the case, instead, their interns and assistants handle the entire case. There is nothing wrong in asking them who will handle most of the case.
  6. Why do you have bad reviews on Yelp? Many disgruntled customers might choose to vent their frustration by going online and writing reviews on various platforms. A lot of times, there’s nothing a lawyer can do. If the lawyer didn’t do his/her best, then sure, they deserve the discredit, but there are times, it’s just not the lawyers fault. According to us, you should try to read reviews on various platforms to get a sense of what customers are really saying about a business.

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