COVID-19 UPDATE: We are taking extra precautions for your health and safety. Telephone consultations are available and you may not need to meet in person in our offices.  Please call us at (925) 285-0500  to discuss your options.

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When you are looking for an accident lawyer, what you need is a “Personal Injury Attorney”.  Serving the East Bay Area with Offices in Orinda, Concord and Pleasanton for nearly 40 years, The Mastrangelo Law Offices has great attorney’s that you want on your side.

The Mastrangelo Law Offices have recovered over $250 Million in damages for our clients and won over 2500 cases.   The Mastrangelo Law Offices have the experience you need on your side.  Call Today for a FREE Consultation.

Not all attorneys have the experience with accident, injury and wrongful death law that you need.  You need a great attorney and if we don’t win, you don’t pay.  It’s that easy. Personal Injury a.k.a. “Accident Lawyers” are not all the same, and at Mastrangelo Law Offices, you don’t pay if we don’t win.

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Injury attorneys serving the East Bay for nearly 40 years

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