Accident Attorney’s IN The news.

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Ed Mastrangelo has a case in the News

Winning Attorney Ed Mastrangelo


While we are still working on the details of a case that is in the news, we are happy to see that our case helped add another reason to “Why you need an attorney” when you are in an accident.

Accident Attorney’s Get Sidewalk Fixed


For over 35 years the Mastrangelo Law Offices has been helping people injured in accidents. We aren’t always in the news, but with over $250Million earned for our clients, we do get in the paper from time to time.

With on of California’s top attorney’s at the firm, they have a winning record that is among the best. Auto Accidents, Truck Accidents and even sidewalk accidents are all better handled with a great attorney on your team.

While not every case is the same, it takes a team of attorney’s and investigators that know how to ask the right question to get the results you need. Accidents that cause injuries do more damage than just the injury. There can be lost work time, additional medical costs and unforeseen pain and suffering. Experienced attorney’s know how to work with you to get you the settlement and money you deserve quickly. You get more time to focus on getting back to a normal life.

While the sidewalk case is ongoing, we are happy to be in the news. It is already a good thing that the sidewalk is fixed so that no one else is injured unnecessarily.

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