A TESTIMONIAL is never too late.

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We just received a testimonial letter hand written by a client who was in an accident some time ago.

Dear Ed,

It’s never too late to say Thank You and I wanted to be sure to get this note of appreciation to you and your staff. You were very helpful, always checking in to see how my therapy was going and explaining things to me simply. It was relief to get my questions answered. Of course the bonus was getting some cash for all that pain and medical visits.

I hope you and your family are wall as you read this. The virus has definitely changed how we operate day to day. Please send my thanks to your brother as well.



Testimonials like this remind us what is different at the Mastrangelo Law offices. Even though we have years of experience, and have won big cases for our clients, we are still a family oriented accident law practice that cares about our clients.

We know that hiring an accident attorney is difficult, and hiring one who only wants to win the case and has no consideration for the client isn’t good either. Yes, we have a big winning track record. Yes, we have won thousands of cases. This letter from Ellen shows we aren’t too big to care. Who is on your team?

Ellen W Testimonial

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