Covid-19 Hiway Safety

Covid-19 highway safety

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Covid-19 is changing Highway Safety.

For over 35 years the Mastrangelo Law offices has seen improvements to highway safety. We’ve been around long enough to remember a time before seat belts, air bags, guard rails, automatic brakes and a host of other safety devices. All of these safety devices are the reason highways have become safer.

Some might argue that lawyers aren’t necessary. The reality is that without lawyers, many of these safety devices would not exist. Lawyers are here to protect you when the government or insurance companies don’t. Just because the highways are safer doesn’t mean you can’t be injured in an accident.

The recent shelter in place order due to Covid-19 has resulted in a drastic drop in traffic. A recent article in BeachStreetNews reported on another change to what is happening on the roads. They reported that reduced traffic is leading to fewer distracted driving accidents. BeachStreetNews also said it is leading to another type of accident we don’t normally see. High speed, high impact accidents.

Police are reporting speeds occasionally hitting triple digits in the golden state and cleaning up the resulting accidents isn’t easy. The formula for energy is E=MV2. The V2 is the important part. Just 10 miles an hour faster adds 100 times the weight of the car to the energy at impact. Air bags can only stop so much. Highway safety is changing due to the covid-19 shelter in place, and not in a good way.

The higher speeds are resulting in much more devastating accidents. Here in Northern California we have some great roads and we get the temptation to test them. For your safety and ours, please don’t.

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Don’t be a Covidiot – Be Safe

At the Mastrangelo Law Offices, all of us, want you to be safe on the highway. High speed driving should be saved for the track or video games where you limit the risk to innocent people. Because we know you can’t always count on the other guy, we are here for you if you are injured in a car accident.

For now, drive safe, be safe,

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