$450,000 Win For Victims Of a Drunk Driving Accident

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Two girls were involved in a drunk driving accident, leaving them both injured and in debt. The girls visited the home of a mutual friend one night, where the three began drinking together. The defendant drove the two girls to watch the sunset where they continued to drink more. On the way home, which should have been a short trip, the defendant started driving erratically along the winding roads of Grizzly Peak. The defendant hit a sharp curve at a high speed and his vehicle sailed over the edge of the cliff. The car rolled over and over as it plummeted 450 feet down the hillside. The damage to the vehicle was tremendous. The two girls were trapped in the upside down vehicle as the defendant released himself, climbed out through his window, and started to walk away as the two girls cried for help. The defendant eventually freed the girls from the vehicle but refused to call for help. He left the girls at the scene and returned home on his own.

The two girls dialed 911 on their own, and despite sustaining serious injuries managed to climb their way up the hill and back to the road. Both girls were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. The defendant first tried to claim his car was stolen, but it was obvious to the police he was inebriated and the guilty party in the drunk driving accident. Although all three parties involved in the crash had been drinking, it was the driver who was responsible for the accident. Do not hesitate to call the attorneys at Mastrangelo Law Offices if you have been involved in a drunk driving accident.

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