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5 years ago
Which Fitness Band Is Best? Best of the Beach 2015 - Beach Street News

Not getting enough sleep can make you a hazard on the road, maybe you should consider a tracking band to help you sleep better and drive ... See more

Which fitness band is best? We put them to the test and yes Virginia there is a clear winner.

6 years ago

This summer the roads are going to be jammed and accidents will happen. Make sure you have a lawyer on your side. If we don't win you don't pay, easy as that.


6 years ago
New Mercedes Fastback Caught!!! - Beach Street News

A new Merc cruising SoCal?


We found the Mercedes Fastback camouflaged and cruising Southern California. Even in Camo, that is one good looking ride.

7 years ago

Summer is winding down, drive careful as you sneak in that last long weekend. If you do get into an accident, we'll be here to protect your rights if you get hurt.

8 years ago

Accidents happen, and when they do, you need help to protect your rights. Don't try to deal with insurance companies, trucking companies and corporations by yourself. They have lawyers, get a ... See more

8 years ago

The Mastrangelo Law Offices is centrally located in Orinda California to help people throughout the East Bay. Our Offices in Theater Square are very easy to reach from the downtown Orinda Exit. ... See more

8 years ago

Accidents Happen - Bills can pile up. If you think you need help, call for a Free consultation - 925-258-0500

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