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Covid-19 highway safety

Covid-19 is changing Highway Safety.

For over 35 years the Mastrangelo Law offices has seen improvements to highway safety. We’ve been around long enough to remember a time before seat belts, air bags, guard rails, automatic brakes and a host of other safety devices. All of these safety devices are the reason highways have become safer.

Some might argue that lawyers aren’t necessary. The reality is that without lawyers, many of these safety devices would not exist. Lawyers are here to protect you when the government or insurance companies don’t. Just because the highways are safer doesn’t mean you can’t be injured in an accident.

The recent shelter in place order due to Covid-19 has resulted in a drastic drop in traffic. A recent article in BeachStreetNews reported on another change to what is happening on the roads. They reported that reduced traffic is leading to fewer distracted driving accidents. BeachStreetNews also said it is leading to another type of accident we don’t normally see. High speed, high impact accidents.

Police are reporting speeds occasionally hitting triple digits in the golden state and cleaning up the resulting accidents isn’t easy. The formula for energy is E=MV2. The V2 is the important part. Just 10 miles an hour faster adds 100 times the weight of the car to the energy at impact. Air bags can only stop so much. Highway safety is changing due to the covid-19 shelter in place, and not in a good way.

The higher speeds are resulting in much more devastating accidents. Here in Northern California we have some great roads and we get the temptation to test them. For your safety and ours, please don’t.

Don’t be a Covidiot – Be Safe

At the Mastrangelo Law Offices, all of us, want you to be safe on the highway. High speed driving should be saved for the track or video games where you limit the risk to innocent people. Because we know you can’t always count on the other guy, we are here for you if you are injured in a car accident.

For now, drive safe, be safe,

Auto Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

5 WINNING TRAITS OF A Personal Injury Lawyer

Selecting the right Personal injury lawyer can be tricky, knowing how to look for these five winning traits of a personal injury lawyer might help. Because your situation is unique and you need a lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours, a great lawyer isn’t always easy to find. That’s why it’s important to judge a lawyer based on few factors beyond the diploma on the wall.

What are they? Let’s get into them:

  • Your Personal Injury Lawyer needs to be very experienced. Let’s face it, without the experience, the lawyer would never be able to understand your situation. They can easily demonstrate their ability to win the case for you. Insurance companies even know some of this experienced lawyers, and they know that some of them won’t settle for less! So it’s important that when you pick a lawyer, that you look at their experience.
  • Availability. Needless to say, it’s important that your lawyer can represent you when you need them. Availability also shows how important you are for your lawyer. They will never put their own comfort ahead of their clients. It’s important that you can get a sense of their availability from the first couple of conversations with them.
  • Compassionate: Just like a doctor saves lives, do does a lawyer. Not having the right lawyer can cost you a lot in medical bills, trauma and personal problems. Getting a wrong lawyer can be very deadly to say the least! It’s important that your lawyer understands these things and treats you with such compassion, just like a doctor—He/she is after all going to save your life!
  • Ability to get things done on time: Time is all we have in life! A Good lawyer will always strive to get you the best results in the fastest time possible. Some of the other lawyers can hang you out to dry, just for their own benefit. So it would be wise to chose a lawyer who has a track record of “speediness”.
  • What People are saying about the lawyer: This one is simple, who doesn’t know online reviews? Just Google the lawyer and read the reviews. Read what other people are saying. Look for 5 star ratings! The reviews can’t be lying, in fact a lot of reviews will tell you in detail about the experience of people just like you.

If you are looking for personal injury lawyer with 35 years of experience, serving clients to fight big and small insurance companies to get you what you deserve, then look no further.

Call today, no accident is big or small for a Call (925) 258-0500

The Mastrangelo Law Offices have recovered over $250 Million in damages for our clients and won over 2500 cases.

Truck Accident Attorney

How To Find The Best Truck Accident Attorney

Nick and Hiring The Best Truck Accident Attorney

Finding the best truck accident attorney isn’t as easy as dialing a number on some billboard. If you have been in an accident with a big truck you know the damage it can cause. Sometimes there is more damage than you know.

Nick Mastrangelo shares his thoughts in this video about how he would hire the best attorney if he were in an accident with a big truck. Nick has over 25 years of experience and his firm has won over $250,000,000 for their clients.

Unlike the big firms, the Mastrangelo Law offices are a family run firm that knows what it means to take care of people. Brothers Ed and Nick Mastrangelo are the primary attorney’s that manage the firm and the are assisted by attorneys that have been working with the Mastrangelo Law Offices over 20 years each. Talk about experience that you want on your side.

So if you are looking for the best truck accident attorney after you have been in an accident, watch the video and see what kind of person an accident attorney would hire.

Nick Mastrangelo Interview Video

The best truck accident attorneys have a track record.

One of the first things that sets the best truck accident attorneys apart from the crowd is their record.  Attorneys don’t leave law school and suddenly open up as the best attorney in California.  They work for larger firms and get the experience they need before hanging their own shingle.  

The best attorneys will have a winning record.  With personal injury attorney’s they also need a checkbook since most of them are covering the expenses of the case until they get a settlement that favors the client.  The trick is finding those attorneys.  When you find an attorney, ask them how many cases they have won.  If they are losing more than 25% of their cases, find a new attorney.  Winning attorneys have a winning track record.

The best personal injury attorneys in California don’t make you pay.

If you think you need to write a big check to hire the best lawyer, you might be surprised. For the best attorney’s it is common practice for for cases to be accepted on “contingency”.  When an attorney takes your case on contingency it means they don’t get paid unless you win.  If you don’t have a good case they won’t waste your time or your money. If all attorneys had to work this way, lawsuits might be more reasonable.

The best truck accident attorneys have been around for a long time.

The last thing that you will notice when you look for the best truck accident attorneys is that the good ones have been around a while.  Many of the top firms like the Mastrangelo Law Offices are more than 25 years old.  That doesn’t mean your lawyer is old, it just means the attorney in charge who is coaching your case has a lot to experience.  You might get a young attorney, but if they are at an old firm, your chances are probably a little better.

The bottom line.

The bottom line when looking for a personal injury attorney is this:  You are looking for a firm with a long track record of wins, not a phone number on the bus that will charge any attorney for the case.

Legal Consultation

Personal Injury Attorney in Concord California – Do You Need One?

If you need a Personal Injury Attorney in Concord California you probably want one with years of experience and thousands of cases under their belts.  The Mastrangelo Law Offices is headquartered in Orinda California at the beautiful Theater Square Building. 

With a record of winning over 2500 cases and collecting over $250 Million Dollars for their clients, the Mastrangelo Law Offices is one of the East Bays most successful personal injury law firms.  Why would you want anyone else on your team?

That is the kind of experience you need when you are looking for a Personal Injury Attorney in Concord isn’t it?  The good news is the Mastrangelo Law offices has locations throughout the East Bay including Concord.  

They know the nobody wants to sue, but sometimes you get injured and they don’t pay all of your bills.  Truck, Auto, Work and Medical procedures all can involve accidents that lead to injury.  If you have been injured, why not talk to an attorney from the Mastrangelo Law offices?  The first consultation is free, and if they take your case and they don’t win.  It doesn’t cost you anything.

Finding a personal injury attorney in Concord doesn’t have to be hard.  Check out the video series where you get to meet Attorney Nick Mastrangelo and learn how he can help you after an accident.   

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Professional Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorney aka Accident Attorney

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury refers to an injury that has been inflicted on a person through the negligence of another. It could affect a person’s body, mental health, and/or emotions. Slips and trips, workplace and vehicular accidents, and medical negligence are the most common examples. These claims are also common in construction as people who work in this industry have a higher than average risk of getting involved in mishaps. A Bay Area and Oakland accident attorney is hired by those who have been injured or are suffering from injuries.

Hire a Quality Bay Area Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in an accident that resulted in an injury because of the negligence of another person, having an attorney on your side is advisable. This is to ensure that your rights will not be violated and that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Here at Mastrangelo Law Offices, our lawyers know personal injury law inside out. Not only that; every aspect of the case will be investigated properly by our reputable team. Residents can rest assured that our lawyers have access to expert medical witnesses that can reinforce your case. We also have access to cases similar to yours, which can help strengthen your case.
Insurance companies tend to mislead you, especially if you have personal injury claims. We know how time-consuming following up a claim can get. Having a Bay Area personal injury lawyer who can provide you with professional legal representation will help you considerably, especially in instances where your injuries restrict activities of your daily life.
If you are looking for an experienced Oakland accident attorney, Bay Area-based Mastrangelo Law Offices has a team of highly-skilled and well-trained law professionals backed by years of trial experience. We provide our clients’ cases the undivided attention they need for them to win.


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