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Questions to ask your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Last week, we talked about what are some of the important qualities that your personal injury lawyer should possess. Now do you know what questions you should ask before hiring your lawyer?

If you Google “Questions to ask your Personal Injury Lawyer” you will get all kinds of answers, but to save you people some time, our law office has put together some questions that new clients ask us all the time:

  1. How much do you cost? Most PI Lawyers work on a reward basis, i.e. they get paid when you get paid for your damages. That can be typically 25% to 45%, but really depends on your lawyer and the situation.
  2. Will I need to pay if I lose the case? Again, it really depends on your lawyer. There are lawyers who don’t charge you anything if you lose the case, and there are some who charge you for their basic time in addition to the percentage of the reward.
  3. Have you had clients similar to me? This one is obvious, wouldn’t you want a lawyer who knows your situation to the “T”. In such a case, your lawyer knows exactly how to present your case, because they have previous data to work with.
  4. What are the chances of my success? Some lawyers even advertise the percentage of cases they have won, which is what makes some of them very expensive, as they are almost guaranteed to win your case (for e.g. MLO Lawyers :). But you should always expect the worst and prepare for anything that can happen in your case. If you call for a free consultation we will have a much better idea of your chances of success.
  5. Are you personally going to handle my case? There are many law offices where the real lawyer doesn’t even handle the case, instead, their interns and assistants handle the entire case. There is nothing wrong in asking them who will handle most of the case. At the Mastrangelo Law Offices, you will get to know your lawyer and the staff members that make up your team.
  6. What is your experience? Many law firms come and go from the accident world. Lured by big cases in the news these lawyers appear and disappear as fast as you can click an ad on social media. With over 35 years of experience and $250,000,000 collected for our clients, the Mastrangelo Law Offices is among the best and most experienced in California.

Have a questions to ask a lawyer about your case?

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Not Sure You Need An Attorney? Afraid To Call? Meet Nick Mastrangelo on Video

If you have been in an accident and are not sure you need an attorney, and are afraid to call one, how about video.  Nick Mastrangelo knows that no body wants to go to court, but sometimes you need an attorney to protect your rights.

Web host Scott Bourquin asks Nick Mastrangelo the important questions.  If you are thinking about calling an attorney after an accident but are afraid to call, watch these videos. Nobody has to know.  After you meet Nick on the Video’s if you still aren’t sure if you need an attorney after an accident, give Nick a call.  The first consultation is free.

The Mastrangelo Minute with Nick Mastrangelo is for anyone who has been in a truck, auto, motorcycle or work accident.  Nick has over thirty years and his family law firm, The Mastrangelo Law Offices,  has been serving people in the East Bay and Northern California for nearly 40 years.  When you need an attorney, make sure you talk to an experienced attorney like Nick at the Mastrangelo Law Offices.

Nick talks about the problems real people just like you have after an accident.  Check out the videos and if you still aren’t sure, call Nick.

Click Here to Watch The Videos

You can also find Nick On YouTube.

The Mastrangelo Law Offices serves the entire East Bay including Richmond, Oakland, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Fremont, Concord, Pleasanton and Danville.  No matter where your accident happened in the East Bay, The Mastrangelo Law Offices can help.  No time for videos?  Call Today 925-258-0500

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Are Defective Products Dangerous?

A defective product is any product that causes injury to its user due to flawed labeling, defective design, or defective manufacturing of the product. Sometimes referred to as “faulty products, defective products can be extremely dangerous, because the user has no way of knowing the product is not to be trusted. Basically, a defective product is an unsafe product.

When you use unsafe products, you can become injured. That is why the government has agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. Government agencies aren’t always enough to prevent a defective and therefore unsafe product from making it to the store.   In order to increase sales, many companies sell products directly to consumers without proper safety testing.  The government can’t test every item on the market.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to design and sell safe products, not products that are faulty, defective, or unsafe.  You should be able to buy a product and use it the way the instructions say to use it without being injured unless you are warned first an injury is likely or possible.

Recently, a client of Mastrangelo Law Offices was injured while using an attic ladder he had purchased at a well-known hardware chain. He installed the ladder in his home according to instructions. The instructions were simple enough, and on the surface appeared safe to the client. After he installed the ladder according to the directions, the client used the ladder to enter the attic.

As he came down the ladder, the right side spring of the ladder, caught on his shirt near his waist and caused him to lose his footing. Slipping off the ladder, he reached out to stabilize himself, his finger became caught in an exposed hinge and he fell off the ladder four feet above the ground. A portion of his left pinky finger remained in the hinge and had to be traumatically amputated as a result of this accident.

Mastrangelo Law Offices’ investigation of this accident determined that the client had used the ladder as intended and had properly installed it according to the manufacturers directions. Further investigation revealed that the ladder was improperly assembled prior to sale and was defectively designed making the ladder unsafe. The case settled prior to going to court also known as litigation for $75,000.

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Personal Injury Attorney aka Accident Attorney

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury refers to an injury that has been inflicted on a person through the negligence of another. It could affect a person’s body, mental health, and/or emotions. Slips and trips, workplace and vehicular accidents, and medical negligence are the most common examples. These claims are also common in construction as people who work in this industry have a higher than average risk of getting involved in mishaps. A Bay Area and Oakland accident attorney is hired by those who have been injured or are suffering from injuries.

Hire a Quality Bay Area Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in an accident that resulted in an injury because of the negligence of another person, having an attorney on your side is advisable. This is to ensure that your rights will not be violated and that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Here at Mastrangelo Law Offices, our lawyers know personal injury law inside out. Not only that; every aspect of the case will be investigated properly by our reputable team. Residents can rest assured that our lawyers have access to expert medical witnesses that can reinforce your case. We also have access to cases similar to yours, which can help strengthen your case.
Insurance companies tend to mislead you, especially if you have personal injury claims. We know how time-consuming following up a claim can get. Having a Bay Area personal injury lawyer who can provide you with professional legal representation will help you considerably, especially in instances where your injuries restrict activities of your daily life.
If you are looking for an experienced Oakland accident attorney, Bay Area-based Mastrangelo Law Offices has a team of highly-skilled and well-trained law professionals backed by years of trial experience. We provide our clients’ cases the undivided attention they need for them to win.


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Cell Phones and Texting While Driving – Bad Things Happen

Have you ever witnessed someone driving erratically while talking on the phone or texting?  It is common knowledge that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous and negligent.   California law now requires the incorporation of a hands free device into the vehicle.   Despite the laws, warnings, and campaigns to stop this reckless behavior many drivers still continue to talk and text while on the road every day.  The National Safety Council estimates that at least 1.6 million crashes per year involve drivers using cell phones and texting.  In personal injury law, we encounter a range of cases involving cell phone use resulting in minor to fatal injuries.

Driving while talking on a cell phone in stop and go traffic can be especially risky.  A recent client of Mastrangelo Law Offices was driving in traffic when she observed the woman behind her was talking animatedly on a cell phone.  The woman did not slow down and collided with the rear of our client’s vehicle.  The defendant was found in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 22350: driving at an unsafe speed for the conditions.  The defendant was distracted by her phone conversation, was not paying attention to the road, and was not able to stop her vehicle in time.  The defense stipulated to liability in this matter, and the case settled for $150,000. Our client was well compensated for her pain and suffering that was a direct result of this accident.

There will always be drivers who disregard every warning and continue to endanger the lives of others by talking on a cell phone while driving.  You should never have to pay for someone else’s careless use of a cell phone.  Call Mastrangelo Law Offices today if you or someone you know has been injured as a result of another driver’s negligent cell phone use.

Call Now for a free consultation if you have been hit by a texting driver.  925-258-0500

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A Small Win For The Good Guys? $400,000+

We are happy to report a small victory in the case entitled Victor Solorzano v. Rayana Janae Pitts-Godfrey, Joyce Roberson, et al. Our client, the owner of a small grocery market in San Francisco while riding a Fat Boy Harley Davidson motorcycle exited Highway 80 at Richmond Parkway intending to make a left turn at the top of the exit. As he approached the intersection, he observed that he had a green light. As he entered the intersection, he was immediately struck from the left by the defendant’s car. At the scene and throughout the litigation, the plaintiff contended that he had a green light. When asked by the police officer what color her light was, the 19 year old defendant stated “Is there a light there?”. Thereafter, throughout the litigation, the defendant maintained that she didn’t remember what color her light was.

The police officer then interviewed a good Samaritan in a left turn lane opposite the direction from which the defendant was traveling who did not see the accident but had been waiting for a left turn signal. He told the officer that he did not see the accident but that shortly before he heard the accident, he had seen vehicles passing by him on his left and right. Based upon the statement of the good Samaritan, the officer concluded that the plaintiff ran the red light. The plaintiff sustained a compound fracture of his left ankle and required an open reduction with internal fixation. All of his treatment was through Kaiser and the billing at trial totaled $59,825.07. The defendant had State Farm Insurance with $100,000 policy limit. Based upon the police report, State Farm denied liability and we filed suit. The good Samaritan was deposed in the action and testified he never saw the accident and indeed he was 100 percent sure that the defendant was coming off the freeway when the accident occurred which was the complete opposite of what happened. He also testified that he had turned his attention away from the scene of the accident for several seconds to speak to his wife who was handing out Taco Bell to the occupants of the vehicle before he heard the accident and then saw the plaintiff laying in the roadway in front of his vehicle. He testified that he could not say what color the light was for any direction of travel at the moment of impact including his own. Despite this evidence, State Farm maintained a no liability position.

Plaintiff was prepared to go to trial without an accident reconstruction expert and just rely on the statements of the two parties. State Farm disclosed Gary Trudell as their accident reconstruction expert which forced plaintiff to retain the services of his own accident reconstruction expert, Chris Kauderer. Trudell testified at deposition that he could scientifically prove that the plaintiff had run the red light based upon the signal light timing diagrams, the testimony of the good Samaritan and the plaintiff’s testimony of his average speed as he traveled up the exit ramp. Chris Kauderer, after visiting the scenes several times, reviewing the traffic signal timing diagrams and speaking with the Cal Trans engineers, determined that the lights were all traffic volume activated and that there was no way that anyone could scientifically prove who ran the red light. At trial he was critical of Trudell’s methodology and on cross-examination, Trudell admitted that he was unable to read the timing diagram.

Early on, plaintiff did a policy limits demand and then several months before trial, plaintiff did a 998 offer for the $100,000 police limit. Shortly before trial, State Farm served a 998 for $25,000.

The jury return a special verdict finding the defendant negligent and the following damages:

a. Past loss consisting of medical expenses: $ 59,825.07
b. Past loss consisting of physical pain and mental suffering $170,000.00
c. Future loss consisting of medical expenses: $ 30,000.00
d. Future loss consisting of physical pain and mental suffering: $202,500.00
TOTAL: $462,325.07

With statutory costs, expert witness costs and prejudgment interest, the verdict exceeds $500,000.00, more than five times State Farm’s policy limit and more than 20 times State Farms’s best pretrial offer. The trial judge was Honorable Judith Craddick. Lead counsel was Nicholas Mastrangelo with an assist from yours truly, Edward Mastrangelo.