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The Mastrangelo minute – pay the bills

Scott Interviews Nick about what to do after an accident to make sure you can pay the bills.


Hi, I’m Scott Bourquin. And I’m here with Nick Mastrangelo. And this is the Mastrangelo minute, one minute to answer a quick question about personal injury and law. And if you need a personal injury attorney,.

Nick, I was in an accident and they paid all the bills then, but I’m still hurting. And I can’t work. Is there anything that you can help me with or is there a reasonthat an attorney can help me when I’m calling the insurance company and they keep saying that it’s all paid. Well, yeah, it’s not all paid for because you’re still hurt and you’re entitled to more than just the medical bills that you’ve incurred so far.


You’re, you’re entitled to medical bills for treatment that you’re going to need in the future. You’re also entitled to any wages that you’ve lost, even if you’ve usedyour sick or vacation. You are entitled to recover that back. And you’re also entitled to general damages for pain suffering inconvenience, and having to go through the whole process.

So it’s not just done because they paid your medical bills. I can help you with that and, and I can help you recover the damages that you’re entitled to the insurance company does not want to give that to you if they can avoid it. So it, itwould be a good idea to call an attorney at that point.


So there you have it. With Nick master Angelo, about where you might have the need for an attorney and why Nick? What should they do? 


If they need an attorney, they should call me. Thanks, Scott. There you go. Call me.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Billboards that will make you laugh! Part 1

Billboards that will make you laugh from lawyers that are sometimes referred to as “necessary Evil” and all kinds of caricatures exist in the society to depict the good and bad side of law.

So even though accident law is serious business at Mastrangelo Law offices (MLO Lawyer), we decided to see the lighter side of being an accident lawyer by scraping few funny Accident lawyer billboards from the Internet.

I came across a few funny accident lawyer comics on the Internet, so I will post a mix of them here:

  1. Got into a car crash and injured? This one is just plain blunt and hilarious. Keeps it really simple, and doesn’t even put a phone number on it. Talk about brand building at best !
This is one is too blunt and funny

2. I don’t think you can talk about law and not mention Saul Goodman from breaking bad? Just super hilarious, Better Call Saul! I love the simplicity of the billboard, the logo and everything else around it.



Get the gorilla!

I guess anything becomes funny when you add a Gorilla into the mix 🙂 If you ask me, the billboard has too much information on it, and people driving at 65mph can barely read two sentences. And seriously though, what does “get the Gorilla” even mean? I think it’s trying to appeal to young blokes who got into an accident (and they have just learned how to drive!)


This one is a classic, clean cut, like bald? lol. Besides the fact that people don’t become bald by pulling hair, this one is also funny because the lawyer on the billboard is bald! Very simple, clean fun and call to action with a phone number. This one is one of the best personal injury lawyer billboards ever!


Another great billboard that can lead to great brand building. People looking at this can instantly relate to this, not because we crash into posters or walls all the time, but because we see such images in movies and TV all the time and we can relate to this.

It also comes with a tag line which says “Don’t settle for less”, which is very emotional and it connects with the people on a different level.

If you are looking for a personal Injury lawyer in East Bay San Francisco area, then you can call the MLO Lawyer – Mastrangelo Law Offices in Orinda, CA.

Personal Injury Lawyer Settlement

How long does it take to Settle a Personal Injury Case?

It really depends! Some cases result in more physical injury and others cause more of psychological stress. So both are seen separately and the settlement can take longer depending on how much injury you have suffered. If you suffered loss of wages, and if the personal injury stopped you from working, then the losses are compounding and settlement can take more time!

According to Mastrangelo Lawyers in Orindo California, MLO Lawyer, U.S. tort laws give you the right to file claims for full compensation and register a case against the wrongdoer.” And for this you might seek help of a lawyer near you.

For this, you may need to take help of a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will help you to get the rights compensation that you deserve for your injury. The best personal injury attorney will help you in filing a personal injury lawsuit. Sometimes, the cases can be settled by just negotiating with the party at fault. If the case is a serious one, then that goes to trial. Most likely, in a lawsuit, the person who suffers from the personal injury seeks a fair compensation for the injuries that he/she has already suffered as well as injuries that might follow (psychological).

What are some of the things that can be considered DAMAGES as a result of the Personal Injury?

  • Wage Losses
  • Emotional Suffering
  • PTSD (in cases of dog bites and other accidents)
  • Depression
  • Repairing or replacing lost property
  • Covering extra costs associated with the injury
  • Damages for future earnings

The actual duration of the case can vary with the cases. It is not possible to give the right answer about how long the lawsuit will take to settle. There are some cases which take at least a year from the date of filing the complaint to get to settle, and others can take around six months. So, it is quite unpredictable. A personal injury lawsuit can take 2 to 3 years to get settled in our experience.

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Questions to ask your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Last week, we talked about what are some of the important qualities that your personal injury lawyer should possess. Now do you know what questions you should ask before hiring your lawyer?

If you Google “Questions to ask your Personal Injury Lawyer” you will get all kinds of answers, but to save you people some time, our law office has put together some questions that new clients ask us all the time:

  1. How much do you cost? Most PI Lawyers work on a reward basis, i.e. they get paid when you get paid for your damages. That can be typically 25% to 45%, but really depends on your lawyer and the situation.
  2. Will I need to pay if I lose the case? Again, it really depends on your lawyer. There are lawyers who don’t charge you anything if you lose the case, and there are some who charge you for their basic time in addition to the percentage of the reward.
  3. Have you had clients similar to me? This one is obvious, wouldn’t you want a lawyer who knows your situation to the “T”. In such a case, your lawyer knows exactly how to present your case, because they have previous data to work with.
  4. What are the chances of my success? Some lawyers even advertise the percentage of cases they have won, which is what makes some of them very expensive, as they are almost guaranteed to win your case (for e.g. MLO Lawyers :). But you should always expect the worst and prepare for anything that can happen in your case. If you call for a free consultation we will have a much better idea of your chances of success.
  5. Are you personally going to handle my case? There are many law offices where the real lawyer doesn’t even handle the case, instead, their interns and assistants handle the entire case. There is nothing wrong in asking them who will handle most of the case. At the Mastrangelo Law Offices, you will get to know your lawyer and the staff members that make up your team.
  6. What is your experience? Many law firms come and go from the accident world. Lured by big cases in the news these lawyers appear and disappear as fast as you can click an ad on social media. With over 35 years of experience and $250,000,000 collected for our clients, the Mastrangelo Law Offices is among the best and most experienced in California.

Have a questions to ask a lawyer about your case?

MLO offices serve the entire EAST BAY San Francisco, with personal injury clients winning cases more than 90% of the times!

MLO Law offices.
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5 WINNING TRAITS OF A Personal Injury Lawyer

Selecting the right Personal injury lawyer can be tricky, knowing how to look for these five winning traits of a personal injury lawyer might help. Because your situation is unique and you need a lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours, a great lawyer isn’t always easy to find. That’s why it’s important to judge a lawyer based on few factors beyond the diploma on the wall.

What are they? Let’s get into them:

  • Your Personal Injury Lawyer needs to be very experienced. Let’s face it, without the experience, the lawyer would never be able to understand your situation. They can easily demonstrate their ability to win the case for you. Insurance companies even know some of this experienced lawyers, and they know that some of them won’t settle for less! So it’s important that when you pick a lawyer, that you look at their experience.
  • Availability. Needless to say, it’s important that your lawyer can represent you when you need them. Availability also shows how important you are for your lawyer. They will never put their own comfort ahead of their clients. It’s important that you can get a sense of their availability from the first couple of conversations with them.
  • Compassionate: Just like a doctor saves lives, do does a lawyer. Not having the right lawyer can cost you a lot in medical bills, trauma and personal problems. Getting a wrong lawyer can be very deadly to say the least! It’s important that your lawyer understands these things and treats you with such compassion, just like a doctor—He/she is after all going to save your life!
  • Ability to get things done on time: Time is all we have in life! A Good lawyer will always strive to get you the best results in the fastest time possible. Some of the other lawyers can hang you out to dry, just for their own benefit. So it would be wise to chose a lawyer who has a track record of “speediness”.
  • What People are saying about the lawyer: This one is simple, who doesn’t know online reviews? Just Google the lawyer and read the reviews. Read what other people are saying. Look for 5 star ratings! The reviews can’t be lying, in fact a lot of reviews will tell you in detail about the experience of people just like you.

If you are looking for personal injury lawyer with 35 years of experience, serving clients to fight big and small insurance companies to get you what you deserve, then look no further.

Call today, no accident is big or small for a Call (925) 258-0500

The Mastrangelo Law Offices have recovered over $250 Million in damages for our clients and won over 2500 cases.

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